Baby Groot is one of the cutest characters in all of Marvel Cinematic Universe and to day Marvel Legends don’t have a proper Groot so I was in the market looking out a decent Groot in matching scale. I found this baby Groot in a Sapphire Toys in Bangalore but he is not an action figure nor a statue nor a figurine but a keychain! I picked him anyways!

Baby Groot - Keychain

Baby Groot - Keychain

I picked this when I hunting for some Hot Wheels cars… This came as a surprise, when I accidentally stumbled upon the keychain section and found him interesting. Then took him to the Marvel Legends section and compared it with other MLs there, voila… It fits! Then came the price which is awesome at INR.299/-

Collection Details

  • Release SeriesGuardians of the Galaxy Vol.2
  • ColorBrown
  • ConditionNew
  • PriceINR.299
  • Seller/StoreSapphire Toys, Bangalore

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