The year 2021 has been a tricky year for many of us including me! But every tough situation brings us one step closer to perfection and this year got me pretty close to what I call maturity. Yeah I call maturity because I dint buy each and everything I could get my hands on… but made mu collection very much focused than last year. My focus as to what realised is movie based figures and props to go with them. This is my list of favourite figures that I picked in 2021, which may include figures released earlier than 2021 as well.

Jada Toys Hulkbuster

I kind of cheated a little bit as the first one in the list is not even an action figures. Yeah this Jada Toys made Hulkbuster is a Diecast Metal Figure with practically no articulating(except the head that opens up) parts but I still love it as this is my wifey’s first gift and she was super happy gifting it to me.

Starwars Black R2D2 - Action Figure

I love MCU movies and not a very big StarWars fan… But my collection has considerable amount of SW figures (mostly StarWars Black 6 inch figure) and this R2D2 is a long time pending item. The only reason why I dint pick him earlier is that I wanted a cleaner version but that almost became extinct so I forced myself to get this! Also this came in on a discount(Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale) price so a win for sure.

Marvel Legends Ironman - Action Figure

Me being a 6inch Marvel Legends collector, added few this year! This Gamer Verse Iron Man blue the only figure from the entire series that wanted, though I finished “Joe” Fixit Build A Figure by picking all the figure from this series, I sold every other figure at dead cheap figure as they add no value. This blue Ironman adds some color to otherwise red dominated display.

Marvel Legends Kingpin - BAF

I actually named the year 2021 as “Year of BAFs” because I ended upping my BAF game, taking the count to cross ten mark! I kind of spend a lot of time in Facebook and picked some really rare BAF parts but this “Kingpin” came in fully built and I was super excited to pick him for a crazy price (INR. 3,000/-) This guy came after I finished “Joe Fixit” so that I know how different they two BAFs are and have their very unique characters.

I am big time Batman movie fan till “Robert Downey Jr” took over my heart as Ironman. So my DC collection is decent enough for a Fan! This year not many toy importers are keen on importing toys, so we hardly got any new toys! But that left us collector to improvise and hunt toy stores for some hidden gems and this Commissioner Gordon is one of such find. He also came at far lesser price as he was relatively old.

Marvel Legends Rocket Raccon - Action Figure

As mentioned earlier, I spent quite a lot of time in-front of my computer screen and this Rocket Racoon used to look at me and taunt me. Finally this year, after lot of searching and dead-ends I got him from a Facebook friends who just handed him over to me! Yeah that simple Ha!

Marvel Legends Giantman - BAF

If you read my blog, I reported last year (BAF report 2020) that this “Giant Man” BAF was almost done, missing only Head! And luck showered on me with some many BAF completion, so I got that missing head as well and signed off this blown big Antman. Though he is not that big but a good BAF to add some special effects.

Marvel Select Juggernaut - Action Figure

I love Deadpool movies and Juggernaut one scary villain… he real is a strong guy! This Marvel Select Juggernaut was never in my radar till recently, basically till I watched Deadpool-2 movie! I was fortunate to get this guy at a decent price from an online retailer(fatcatcollectibles) and got it delivered in practically no time! Though I like him so much, the limited articulation get some subjective criticism to! Overall a must have figure in my opinion.

Marvel Legends Mysterio - Action Figure

Spiderman is one of my favourite childhood super heroes and his make him a real hero! Of all I absolutely love the Vulture from the movie “Homecoming” so I finished him last year! This year, I added my second favourite Mysterio (movie version) figure and love this shot the most! He definitely is photogenic and only thing I miss about this figure is the unmasked face!

Marvel Legends Domino - Action Figure

As mentioned earlier, Deadpool is one of my favourite Marvel character and this Domino’s super powers excites me! This Domino is a crazy cool action figure and the likeness to the movie character is the selling point in my opinion. The articulation is cool and the sculpt is neat as well. What I am missing is the main character “Deadpool”, which is in my must’ve list for the year 2022 and I am sure he will join this gang soon.

Marvel Legends Classic Spiderman - Action Figure

This Spiderman is like my holygrail last year and I got it early this year in Amazon sale! Though the product was on sale… it came in mint condition! This Spiderman figure is super agile and poseability is not an issue at all! This Spidey is super cool, so I gave him a nice dark alley like background and the pic turned out very well.

Marvel Legends Cable - Action Figures

If Deadpool is my favourite Marvel then Cable is my favourite villain of all time! And, when Hasbro unveiled their plan release Movie Cable figure, I was jumping with excitement! Finally he made it to our stores and I could get him on a decent price… He is also the best in terms of details and also accessories! For me his face sculpts scores most point! What’s your? Let us know by dropping a note in the comment section below.

McFarlane Batman Deathmetal - Action Figure

McFarlane entered its Golden Era in 2021 and one of their best figures(as per me) released to date is the Golden Armour Wonder Woman but that is yet reach my collection! For the year 2021 I picked 3 McFarlane and this Death Metal Batman is the only action figure of the lot and love it to the core. Overall the year 2021 is not a bad year as far as my collection but this could have been much better if we would have got some new stock via regular toy stores. Hope year 2022 turns out be much better! Have a Great Year ahead… Happy New Year!

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