Its that time again of the year and we are all preparing catch some gifts on sale price… Yeah its Thanksgiving and Black Friday sale I am talking about. This year I decided to do a themed Toy Photography around the Black Friday deals and shopping craziness. The main character picked for this scene is Hulk (actually my Custom Smart Hulk Build a figure using “Smart Hulk”, “Kingpin”, “Lizard” BAFs and Hulk head from First 10 Years Two Pack), who in his civilian looks matches this theme quite well.

Hulk's Black Friday - Score

Because of Covid(yeah still some in place) restriction I cannot go out and shoot in actual store front, decided to do using some of my diorama props and accessories I had in my accessory box. The main prop is the steel cart(roughly 1:10 scale) and products inside are a styrofoam snowman, custom made cardboard box, some diy pizza box, Yoga mat(used in my Yoga day special photoshoot) and some toys that picked from everywhere.

Toy Photography Hulk's Black Friday - Raw Image

I wanted to fill the cart fully and also keep Hulk’s left hand busy so I gave him a brown bag with a Santa miniature toy and a snow boots. As I was doing this shoot indoors, I decided to add the storefront in post so just add a footpath prop that I made some time back. Fortunately the pose of hulk running away with a shopping full of products came out well and they stay that way for over 3 hrs.

Hulk Black Friday - Photo Shoot - Behind the Scene

For lighting I used my room’s ceiling light and used a giant diffuser to bring the lights harshness down a bit. The diffuser may look like a over kill but worked its magic and gave me soft light give daylight like shots. I took two themed photos with Hulk and first one is just Hulk to show off his loot and second one (behind the scene below) has other Marvel characters rushing in to try their luck.

Hulk's Black Friday - Shopping Spree

I loved this entire photo shoot with my toys (a great relief from my hectic work schedule), which also enhanced my action figure posing skills. Though I did a bit of Photoshop, I was mostly happy with photoshoot as opposed to the photoshop post production! Maybe next time, I will find a proper storefront or at least printed background so that my photoshoot will become more authentic but that is for a next time. Till next time… Ciao and Happy Holidays.

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