Its Cricket World Cup Semi Final and India Lost to New Zealand so the entire country(at least cricket fans) is a bit upset, which includes me! To cheer myself up I went for some action figure shopping… because I have crossed off most of the regular suspects, I turned my attention to those unsung heroes! I visited a Big Bazaar but all they have is just some 6inch basic figures by Hasbro, the next stop is Star Extra in the same location.

Winter Soldier - Marvel Legends

I was browsing through their small toys aisle and found nothing interesting! I always look behind their display because sometimes I find some either hidden or knocked down toys pushed to the back of the display and forgotten! Today happened to be an other such lucky day I found this Captain America Civil War Winter Soldier from the Giant Man wave! This was on my list for a long time as Giant Man was one of the BAF I wanted to complete and I only found two action figure so far!

Winter Soldier - Marvel Legends

Being a older/forgotten stock the package is damaged pretty bad but the figure was in tact! So I picked this guy without worrying much… The billing executive informed me that I will get this for a price of INR.730 as opposed to the original price of 1699, which is a discount of more than 60%. I absolutely love this winter soldier though I have an other winter soldier action figure from Avengers: Infinity War two pack with falcon but this hold a special place!

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Collection Details

  • BrandHasbro
  • Toy LineMarvel Legends Series
  • BAF SeriesGiant Man
  • ColorBlack, Silver, Grey
  • Size6 inch
  • ConditionNew
  • PriceINR.730
  • Seller/StoreStar Extra. Bangalore

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