Ever since I watched Avengers: Infinity War I wanted to collect all the character from the movie and I am moving towards that and this Marvel Legends Thor from the Cull Obsidian wave. I have not seen this Thor action figure any store I visited in India or US, so I assumed that this is one most sorted and on demand figure. And the online route dint gave any success till I found this guy in Amazon.in.

Marvel Legends - Avengers: Infinity War Thor

This “Avengers: Infinity War” Thor action figure was in stock in for sometime in Amazon but the price was like 3 to 5 folds to was keeping him for later! Finally on 8th December, I saw this guy reaching the normal retail price of INR. 1999/- and instantly click the buy now button and secured it! Delivery happened today that is 5 day because the product is not sold under Amazon Prime and thats fine with me. I was super happy with this acquisition and loving it already.

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