I recently developed an interest for 6in Marvel Legends action figure and my favorites includes figures from the Avengers series and Iron Man. I am not into Comic figures but that will not restrict me from adding any if I like them.

I saw this Iron Spider figure in YouTube and was impressed by the robotic arm that Marvel Legends Iron Man missed and though of giving it a shot… then I was browsing AliExpress and in few minute this is Iron Spider is in my Cart and then in my Order list. Though this action figure was delivered today but I made the order on 09 July, 2018. The cost is USD.14.24 with free shipping.

Three 6inch Action Figures

These Marvel Vision and Dr.Strange are in my collection primarily for those Hulkbuster BAF pieces(only two more left) but they are good in their own way. I got them on a deal from Amazon.in for INR.1499 and shipping charge of INR.130, which is great because it used to hover for over 5k margin. I made the purchase on 2 August, 2018 and delivered within 4days.

Its a great feel when you find multiple figure in your doorsteps when u come back home and this is one of those days!

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