It’s Christmas time and I was feeling a little lazy to do a proper Christmas photoshoot like last year… so I decided do a simple photoshoot! Though the idea is to do a simple shoot with my Marvel Legends action figure and now the challenges is to pick a worthy Santa Replacement… The first choice is the Iron Man but that choice turned unworthy as I could not get My Iron Man ready on time. The next best is the Deadpool and he with all red outfits fits the Santa’s role quite well and he is on.

Christmas Photoshoot Figure & Scooter

The Marvel Legends Deadpool that I have is a classic comic Deadpool and I decided to add some drama by trowing in a Vespa Scooter. Because I have so many 1:12 diecast motorbike and scooters, I decided to bring in my NewRay Vespa P200E in bright red, matching his outfits and Christmas theme quite well.

Christmas Photoshoot Props

I had a scene in mind… Yeah Deadpool standing with a red and white stick on his shoulders. I also picked a snowy background with some pine tree and a peak far off. To go with this snowy setup I have to make some snow rocks, which I made it along with a Christmas stick.

Christmas Photoshoot Setup

Now for the set-up… I saw a comic pic with a similar posture so I decided to do a similar pose with my action figure. I did my setup in my work desk, because I want a seamless background I set a white sheet of paper clipped to the back and heavier book and container on the sides, which may not look good but who is going to see it!

Christmas Photoshoot Setup

I had made three snowy rock, and I wanted some elevation so I used a roll of double sided tape and used it. I placed one rock a bit closer to the camera as it will blend all three rocks into one. Now I realised three rocks are nothing… should have made more.

Christmas Photoshoot - Raw

I use my trusty old Nikon D3100 DSLR for most of my Toy Photoshoot with a Nikon 40mm Micro lens and here also the combo worked. I framed the shot and intentionally kept the main subject in the centre so that I can crop and move it to a side making it cool. Yeah I do crop my photos, which lot of photographers don’t agree with but it is what I am!

Christmas Photoshoot - Final Photo

Photo that came out of the camera was good but nothing closer to what I wanted… so its Photoshop time. Even before I started this photo shoot, I had planned on using Photoshop. I cropped, color corrected a little, added a background and that snowy effect. Now its almost perfect… but I also wanted to drop a Christmas Greeting Card.

Christmas Photoshoot - Card

Finally, I added a Christmas greeting message and this photo becomes a perfect card! Hope you guys picked a point or two from my photoshoot experience and do better job than me. Enjoy your holiday safely with all your friends and family… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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