Smurfs is a full on entertainer and I really enjoyed it! I actually liked two characters in the movie, yeah the main character Clumsy and Smurfette, who is really cute! I have a big collection of diecast scale model cars and bikes and slowing adding figurines to go with them. Smurfs figurine are also in mind but they never made it to our shore and importing is relatively expensive so was holding the thought till now.

Smurfs The Lost Village - Clumsy Smurf & Smurflily

Smurfs The Lost Village - Clumsy Smurf & Smurflily

I was visiting Khobar, Saudi Arabia on business and found a Toys R Us close by, which had some cool figures. I visited it today and picked this two pack playset with Clumsy Smurf & Smurflily. I paid SAR.39 for this set, they also had some other Smurfs figurines but no Smurfette or Papa Smurf so gave it a skip. Hope this Clumsy figurine will add some creative touch to my display!

Collection Details

  • BrandJakks Toys
  • Release SeriesSmurfs The Lost Village
  • ColorBlue, White, Purple
  • ConditionNew
  • PriceSAR.39
  • Pack Content2 Figures
  • Seller/StoreToys R Us, Khobar

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