Hasbro’s 3.75inch action figure fits perfectly with my 1:18 scale diecast car and that is the major reason why I have so many 3.75inch Star Wars figures. And Star Wars figures look casual in general and works even in urban environment. This Finn figure come with brown jacket, beige shirt and black trousers giving him a almost party ready outlook, which gives him enough attitude to take any super car that are sitting in my collection.

Star Wars Finn (Resistance Fighter) - Action Figure

Star Wars Finn (Resistance Fighter) - Action Figure

I picked this Resistance Fighter Finn from “Toys R Us” in Vega City, Bangalore for INR.349, which is after 50% discount. I was in no intent of picking a action figure today, today visit is casual and to pick some Hot Wheels but ended up pick not one but two action figure. The other one is a 6inch Star Wars Black Series Sergeant Jyn Erso (Jedha) figure.

Collection Details

  • BrandHasbro
  • Toy LineForce Link
  • Release SeriesStar Wars
  • ColorBrown, Beige, Black
  • Size3.75 inch
  • ConditionNew
  • PriceINR.349
  • Seller/StoreToys R Us, Bangalore

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