My Childhood days has its fair share of playing video games… Of all the games I played Super Mario, Contra and Street Fighter take that high rank for most played game. When I saw a series of game characters released by Nintendo to compete with Disney Infinity Series I wanted one character badly, that is RYU not just because liked him but also because he looks super cool right next to my 1:18 car.

Amiibo Super Smashbros - RYU

My weekend in Khobar, Saudi Arabia is mostly spend shopping (which I love a lot) and today is no exception. I am here in this multi product superstore called Jarir Bookstore and walking around their games section where they usually have Disney Infinity series figures but today I found these newly stocked Nintendo figures… And within seconds I found this beautiful RYU and bagged him immediately.

Amiibo Super Smashbros - RYU

Yeah this is my second business visit to KSA and I picked some awesome Disney infinity Series like the my favorite “Hulkbuster” and “Darth Vader” from my last visit, so I know exactly where to look these figures. RYU was special because he is the one character who was sitting in my wishlist for some time and also for that special detailing.

Collection Details

  • BrandNintendo
  • Toy LineAmiibo
  • Release SeriesSuper Smashbros
  • ColorWhite, Red, Black
  • ConditionNew
  • PriceSAR.69
  • Seller/StoreJarir Bookstore, Khobar

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