The Thing is an vibrant character of the Fantastic Four movie and ever since Hasbro Marvel Legends released an action figure as Walgreens Exclusive excited me like crazy! I went on a hunt but this never made it to India but it was doing good in US. Fortunately for me I was traveling to States (Stamford, CT to be accurate) on business and added an agenda to pick this up at any cost! I landed in JFK yesterday and visited Target… Today I planned to visit Walgreens here in Stamford and check out for this “Walgreens Exclusive Thing” action figure… I reached this Walgreens around 3:00PM and quickly sniffing through their toy section… the section is small but the collection is ok!

Mini Halloween Skeleton Garland

Because Halloween is around the corner they had some crazy halloween decorating items like skeletons and pumpkins etc. One that got my eye is this Skeleton garland made of 6 skeletons and I liked it immediately picked it up and checking its articulation to my surprise it had decent head and thigh articulation. For a skeleton that is good and because I am looking for halloween props this took all the correct boxes and for USD.2.99 you can’t go wrong! So I picked and made them my first pick!

Walgreens Marvel Legends

Walgreens Mattel Wrestling Figure

Right next to them is the official Toy section and the first to green me is some 6inch figures like the Mattel’s DC Comics Multiverse Batman vs Superman Lex Luthor and “The Flash & The Atom” along with some Marvel Legends like the Polaris and Superior Foes but no Thing yet! Some WWE figures are spotted but I am not into them so I skipped!

Walgreens Mickey

Thats not all there were some cute and adorable Disney set with “Mickey”(which is my childhood favorite and still make me laugh even in my worst of days) & “Pluto”, “Donald Duck” and a “The Nightmare Before Christmas” 25years series with Sally and Mummy Boy action figure, which I liked but I steered back to my original mission!

Walgreens Halo Figure

There was another impressive Halo Universal Series action figure, the “Spartan Locus”. This is a nice one and the package with his accessories did its best drag me to it, but I wanted that Walgreens Exclusive Thing thats my mission so focus said my brain! I decided to give this guy an other shot if I have space in my bag and some cash.

Marvel Legends Walgreens Exclusive The Thing

I almost gave up on this Walgreens Exclusive Thing but to my surprise I found this hiding behind the “DC Multiverse” Lex…. Viola I got it! Pulled him up and I almost yelled “Mission Accomplished” like Tom Cruise! I was literally flying in air holding this beauty in hand… He is a beauty and beast packaged into one, yeah he is! Fueled by excitement I walked with confidence and continued my toy hunt holding this beauty in hand because I don’t want to take the chance of losing him!

Walgreens Ironman Mighty Muggs

Walgreens Starlord Mighty Muggs

I wasn’t into Pops much so skipped that section totally but in the mix I found a Ironman Might Muggs along with “Star Lord” and “Thanos”, these got me off guard but The Thing action figure in my hand said next time buddies, today is my day! I also picked a Hotwheels “Mercedes Benz AMG GT” in green, which I was looking for that long long time! I picked the skeleton back and walked to the billing counter and made it official! Today was an exceptional day and a great start. I am planning to visit “GameStop” next, which is around a mile away lets hope the luck continues.

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