Captain America: Civil War is a cool sci-fi superhero movie and stunts are all mind-blowing! Next to Black Panther I like the Antman who grows so big to stall Iron Man’s crew! When Hasbro released Gaintman wave I missed it totally the it become almost extinct, so I settled for the next best Gainman! Yeah it is not actually a Gaintman but a oversized Antman toy, which fortunately fit the size spec of a gaintman.

Big Antman - Figure

Big Antman - Figure

This is not a action figure by any scale but in a display this looks like million dollars! Today I picked him in Toys R Us, Bangalore and paid INR.1799/- for this sexy Antman toy, which also came with a miniature Antman who is nicely detailed too. Overall I was super happy and he will grace my display happily.

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Collection Details

  • BrandHasbro
  • Release SeriesAntman and the Wasp
  • ColorRed, Black, Silver
  • Size24 inch
  • ConditionNew
  • PriceINR.1799
  • Seller/StoreToys R US, Bangalore

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