Avengers: Endgame is hit cinemas in less than 5 days! I am nowhere closer to completing my action figure Avengers: Infinity War! Mad titan Thanos Black Order (Children’s of Thanos) also plays a very important role too and I already have Thanos, Cull Obsidian and Proxima Midnight… Now with the newer Thanos wave gives me an opportunity to add one more, which is Ebony Maw.

Ebony Maw - Avengers Infinity War

Ebony Maw - Avengers Infinity War

The newer Thanos wave surface in our Amazon few weeks back… the catch is that its sold at retail price of INR.1999/- I had him in my wishlist for some time and finally yesterday saw a price drop so picked him! At INR.1799/- it is a great addition to my collection, which leaves me with just one(Corvus Glaive) to complete my Black Order!

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Collection Details

  • BrandHasbro
  • Toy LineMarvel Legends Series
  • Release SeriesAvengers: Infinity War
  • BAF SeriesEndgame Thanos
  • ColorGrey, Gold, Black
  • Size6 inch
  • ConditionNew
  • PriceINR.1799
  • Seller/StoreAmazon.in

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