I love to do Toy Photography with my action figures and my diecast cars! The experience of toy photography gets better with a juicy theme like “Holi”, which is also called “Festival of Color” celebrated by Indians all over the world. It is a colorful theme and requires a figure know for parties and white outfit.. My 6inch Marvel legends Dazzler fits this bill perfectly and comes fully loaded with mic for that DJ party style photos!

The theme for this Toy Photography being Holi which is celebrated by playing with color powers and water, concluded with some fancy music and food. I picked a Holi party as my concept planned my game around it. Because you need a crazy crowd, I picked a new photography technic that lot of Toy Photographers have adapted.

Yeah the background is actually a crazy holi party crowd…yeah real people! Its a photo placed in the background via my 13inch Macbook Pro, which I will have to keep in awkward portrait angle to get the perception with my 6inch Dazzler. This might sound super simple but is really complicated as you camera(even new age DSLR) tries to corrects its exposure with the brightest subject the led screen making the figure very dark. But you can get over it by either reducing the brightness of by bring in external spot lighting. I took the route two and got seasonable result.

Don’t worry I dint splash her with colors of all kind… the splash of colors on this marvel legends Dazzler was done purely in post. Overall I spend over 6 hours last night to get these photo to shape and was the best 6 hour of my life I would say! I am exceptional happy with these photos of Dazzler cheering the crowd. Hope you loved them to… do share your suggestion to motivate me further. Ciao.

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