I love doing themed photo session based on big celebration like Diwali, Thanks Giving, Halloween etc. How could you do a good Halloween themed session without proper props like pumpkins and skeletons, I recently got these skeletons figures from Walgreens for USD 2.99, which is technically a decoration garland with around six skeletons fasten up by a slim jute tread. Stay with me to know how I plan to use these skeletons figures in my photo shoots not just for Halloween but whole a lot more.

Skeleton Figure - Closeup

These skeleton figures are comes in a pack 6 and I gave off 3 to my sisters as halloween gift and also to spook them out! These figures are not to be mistaken for an action figure, going with looks of it, as these purely serve the purpose of props in your diorama or photo shoots like it did for Halloween.

Skeleton Figure

These figures do come with some articulation, yes articulation… the head rotates from side to side both the legs are loose and dangle like those movie skeleton effects. Though the articulation are limited just with these two you could get some crazy postures! How do you like those yoga poses I managed to achieve?

Skeleton Figures - Sleeping

Though all these figures share the same mould, they look kind of unique in some ways… The main reason for this uniqueness is the paint finish. Every figure gets its own shade and they are so unique, you can call every one with different names if you want to! The below shot proves this very well!

Skeleton Figures - Relaxing

I love props and believe that they are the best and cost effective way to bring in some character into your collection. And these skeleton figures for sure can add some spookiness in! Look what I did with it for this year Halloween photo shoot. I pulled in Red Skull (Marvel Studio The First Ten Year Edition) and a few home made miniature pumpkins.

Of all the shot I took for Halloween this one above is my favorite! I actually planned a lot but due to time constrain and other factors like the light(abundance of it) I coudn’t achieve the spooky look I was going for. Overall this is a great prop and I know it from the time I first saw in those halloween item section in Walgreens! So what would be the score for this brilliant figure? I have to give it at least 4 and I am going giving it for the novelty factor and price and articulation!

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