Toy photography is all about fun and enjoyment! I love to do them outdoor as oppose to indoor or diorama. My favorite location is my backyard filled with all sort of greeneries and water bodies making my shots dramatic and interesting. This weekend I took my Marvel Legends Jessica Jones action figure out for a shoot… to add more kicks I brought in my trust 1:12 Benelli TNT Titanium by Maisto.

Jessica Jones Benelli TNT Titanium - Garage

Initial plan is to get this action figure of Jessica Jones outdoor and do some portrait like photos with lot of bokeh. But the idea drifted to a different direction altogether when I brought in my 1:12 Benelli, maybe because I am a bike lover or this Jessica figure impressed me like no other in a diecast scale model motorbike!

Jessica Jones Benelli TNT Titanium - Front View

Jessica Jones Benelli TNT Titanium - Wide Angle

I usually take a lot of pics in the location and post the best of the best, the procedure is exactly the same I took over 125 pics using Nikon D3100 DSLR and my daily driver iPhone 8. I used my iPhone for the wide-angle shots like the one above and DSLR for bokehish shots.

Jessica Jones Benelli TNT Titanium - Elevated Photo

This is my second successful toy photography adventure with a action figure and on a scale model bike, the first being the naughty Deadpool in 1:12 scale AUTOart Vespa done some time back and was vastly appreciated. But this shoot took my toy photography skills to the next level and you could see that in these photos.

Jessica Jones Benelli TNT Titanium - Profile

Jessica Jones Benelli TNT Titanium - Relaxing

I enjoyed this shoot the core and the end results looked impressive! The most important piece that worked well in this photo session is the figure itself, the articulation is smooth and sufficient enough to sit her properly in the bike and gives that realistic look!

Jessica Jones Benelli TNT Titanium - Relaxing

Jessica Jones Benelli TNT Titanium - Bokeh

The leather jackets and blue jeans that she is wearing just gives that biker like looks enhanced by her boot. The Benelli TNT comes with some really sick details, all that I have to do in photoshop is to remove the Maisto sticker in the rear registration plate and put Jessica Jones logo.

Jessica Jones Benelli TNT Titanium - Rear

My last weekend produced some very nice interesting challenge and I absolutely loved them, the finial photo set turned out to be a better than what I anticipated so I am blown! What do you think of this beautiful Toy Photos, let me know in the comments section below. Till next time, Ciao.

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