Pokemon is one show that loved! And the figurines from the show makes it to my collection just like that, This Pokemon Ash and Pikachu pack I picked few weeks in Target, Stamford. and so happy with the purchase, so took these figurines out for warmup!

Pokemon: Ash

Pokemon: Pikachu

Both the Pikachu and Ash figures look great out of the box. The pikachu looks better of the lot because of its yellow body and lightning bolt tail… Come lets get into the story line…

Pokemon: Pikachu Hide and Seek

Pokemon: Pikachu Hide and Seek

Ash was playing with his Pokemon Pikachu in the backyard… Pikachu is smart enough to dodge Ash and tries to hide in a borrow but soon realizes that it just got caught because of the wits of Ash.

Pokemon: Pikachu Hide and Seek

Pokemon: Ash and Pikachu

But before Ash could grab his Pokemon, it dodges him by running here and there, confusing him.

Pokemon: Ash and Pikachu I Choose You

Pokemon: Ash and Pikachu Bye

Though pikachu is smart it got caught and Ash just lift him and let him go after some cuddling! Pikachu takes off immediately and runs away. It then circles back and comes around in a teasing manner.

Pokemon: Pikachu Hide and Seek

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