If there is one character that I could take home from Star Wars movie series, it will for sure be R2-D2! Its unique language and ability makes it my favorite. I always wanted a robot that could take around my home and do some tasks for me, R2-D2 fits the bill perfectly. I was super excited when I saw a video of a R2-D2 in youtube, which is a bit one a foot and does some gesture and sounds, I wanted that but there is no retailer selling that in India and importing it is next to impossible due to its size and shipping cost associated with big packages.

18inch Star Wars - R2-D2

Since then I was in hunt for that but no luck till few week back when Toys R Us opened its first store in Bangalore!… Yeah I saw this guy on day one but dint pick him up because I was in shopping diet and they had other items that took the priority. Finally today decided to pick this but released that this is not the same one I saw… yeah its the non electronic version. But that dint stop me from bringing this beauty home. I paid a INR.4799 and I should say its is worth it!

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Collection Details

  • BrandJakks Pacific
  • Release SeriesStar Wars
  • ColorWhite, Blue, Silver, Black
  • Size18 inch
  • ConditionNew
  • PriceINR.4799
  • Seller/StoreToys R Us, Bangalore

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