Thanksgiving calls for a big celebration and for this year’s Toy Photoshoot I decided to go with DC’s Justice League action figure by Mattel. The plot for this shoot revolves around Wonder Woman and Batman setting up a Thanksgiving dinner for rest of the Justice League. So I decided to do it indoors with all my diorama props and set up the turkey dinner to pump up the holiday vibe.

Thanksgiving Dinner Justice League - Assembles

Superman, Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg all assembles in Batman’s mansion for a Thanksgiving dinner! They being Justice League (are born funny when not fighting) started grabbing food and filling up their plat even before main turkey is placed in the dinner table.

Thanksgiving Dinner Justice League - Assembles

Batman walk in with a Thanksgiving greeting and cheers up the rest of the gang to hold one and save some space for the real dinner, which Diana put in lot of effort. Then he calls in Diana Prince to get them their Turkey.

Wonder Woman and Batman - Thanksgiving

Diana (Wonder Woman) walks in with a huge Turkey slow cooked to perfection. This plate is also filled with eggs, corn, mushrooms and some fruits to keep the table interesting. But the talk of any Thanksgiving dinner will always be the turkey and the case is true in this toy edition as well.

Wonder Woman and Batman - Thanksgiving

I actually had this custom made turkey since two years and used only on special photo shoots like Thanksgiving etc. This turkey is so detailed, I always end up taking at least one macro shot (this time it ended up in a the cover pic), this year is no different so hold on for more coming your way.

Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner

With the turkey in dinner table, the Thanksgiving vibe started coming alive in the room. This is infect my third Thanksgiving photoshoot and by far the best table setup. Maybe I have gotten better in setting the table or the extended prop collection is aiding me do that seamlessly.

Thanksgiving Dinner with Batman

Thanksgiving Dinner with Batman and Wonder Woman

Now Wonder Woman and Batman joins the gang now feels the table is too small so Diana have to take the host spot to come in frame. Next year, maybe I will get a round table with six chair around and space for more! And also get some nice interior background to spice up the show.

Justice League's Thanksgiving Dinner

This entire scene is set in like a diorama setup and the only thing that is added in post is the crown moulded wall background. I love the set up and all but I feel like something is missing, which isa scene of one or more these characters having a bite of turkey. What do you thing? Till next time… Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays.

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