God of Mischief – Loki is one of the integral part of Thor series of movies! And he also played a vital role in Avengers: Infinity War so I have to have him in my collection but he got pushed back due to the others who where on priority. Infact the real reason for me pushing this Marvel Legends Loki is that I wanted a Loki who comes a removable crown but most of the Loki figures I found here came with a fixed crown. Finally I found one in Toys R Us, Bangalore that fit by requirement perfectly and it also had 25% off sticker.

Thor Ragnarok - Loki

Thor Ragnarok - Loki

Today I was visiting Toys R Us in Phoenix Marketcity, Bangalore and stumbled upon this Loki Marvel Legends with a 25% discount sticker. First I thought I will skip… then I realized that this is the Loki I am looking for when I spotted the removable crown. The next thing I know is that I was in billing counter swiping my plastic card. This came at sale price of INR.1499/- and was in great condition! Whats the only pain is the 25% sticker, which kind of distracts me but thats ok as the action figure is in great shape.

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Collection Details

  • BrandHasbro
  • Toy LineMarvel Legends Series
  • Release SeriesThor Ragnarok
  • BAF SeriesGladiator Hulk
  • ColorBlue, Gold, Green
  • Size6 inch
  • ConditionNew
  • PriceINR.1499
  • Seller/StoreToys R Us, Bangalore

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