Thor was a great MCU movie, which made me a fan of Thor and the second installment The Dark World took the entertainment to the next level! When Hasbro released its Marvel Studios The First Ten Years series I got excited to my core and wanted to complete the set! I almost completed this set and the last two left and Today finally I decided to make that to one! I took this set not for Thor but for Sif, which I might use with some other body (mostly Jessica Jones) to create “Blindspot” diorama.

Thor The Dark World - Thor and Sif Action Figures

Thor The Dark World - Thor and Sif Action Figures

I picked this from, yeah I was on sale thats why I picked today for a pickup. I paid only INR.2149 as opposed to 3599, which makes it a whopping 40% discount. Actually it was the second package sent as a replacement as the first one dint have any hammer!

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Collection Details

  • BrandHasbro
  • Release SeriesThor: The Dark World
  • ColorGold, Red, Silver, Black, Grey
  • Size6 inch
  • ConditionNew
  • PriceINR.2149
  • Pack Content2 Figures
  • Seller/

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