4th of July is one of my favourite American holiday and always wanted to do something special with my action figures and other toys. I made some cool once in the past (for 2019) and this year I again pulled in Captain Steve Rogers, who also was in my 2019 photoshoot! I somehow see Captain America as the perfect fit for 4th of July, so a repeat this year as well. This year I had very less time so its a sort of quickie.

July4th Captain America - Photosession

This time I wanted to bring in some props that shouts America, so I got one of my scale model Harley Davidson motorbike made by Maisto. This Harley Davidson Iron 883 is a 1:12 scale bike so it works perfectly with my Hasbro, Marvel Legends Captain America without mask. I just posed him with his hands raised, giving him that extra oomps.

July4th Captain America - Photosession

The background is a image that found via Google’s help… I picked this image from a huge collection as it looked perfect. I added a grass sheet where I placed them both made it a perfect frame. I did a bit of light painting to the back to mimic the fireworks happening closeby.

July4th Captain America - Photosession

Just for some variety, I did some more shot with different pose and different framing. Though I used the pic with his arm raised but the cover pic is the best of the lot as it looks natural. Captain America looks cool and the slight blur to the background makes it a proper portrait.

4th of July - Photosession

Finally for the card I decided to do it in post using photoshop and it worked well. Though the photographs came out quite well, I still some room for improvements! So now go and enjoy your holiday… Have a safe one.

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