Comic Con is that one day when every comic fan rejoice and let their inner child out! Today was that day and I managed to visit one here in Bangalore and grabbed few glimpses of some action figures, pops and statues! Because this place is filled with stores, shops and kiosks that are selling comic stuff in one form or other and I had a fun filled day, here is my full coverage of what I managed to enjoy.

Marvel Mini Statues

Wow Heads: Wow Heads is the first stall that is in your face once you enter the auditorium. They have a lot of stuff to see and all of them are for grabs! Their line up includes bobble head statues ranging from min 3inch to 7inch bobble heads. They also had a lot of resin made statues that is good to any desktop, these are priced reasonably and the quality is also decent. Here I personally liked the statue of our “Tamil Super Star, Rajini Kanth”, Hulk in multiple scales, Starwars Yoda and Groot especially baby groot in angry pose.

Rajni Kanth - Statue

Hulk Statue

Starwars - Yoda

Baby Groot - Wow Head

Also “PlanetSuperheroes”

The Comic Factory: The stop that grabbed my attention is “The Comic Factory“, which has an assortment of toys ranging from diecast cars, high end action figures and also nano metalfigs. What actually got me into this shop is this massive “Batman’s Tumbler”! They actually are DC themed and not much but DC Comics stuff can be found! I like the Jada’s Nano Metalfig LED display and picked a couple home!

Batman's Tumbler

Jada - DC Comics Cars

DC Comics - Action Figure

DC Comics - Action Figure

Nano - Metalfigs

Nano Metalfigs - Display Case

Comic Planet: Next up is “Comic Planet”, who had some high end figures on display. The Iron Man chilling in the Sofa by Comic Cave is the top of the show and I wanted only the sofa but they don’t have it, yeah available only with the Iron Man figure! I also wanted to pick the “Terminator – Endoskeleton” priced at INR.2500/- but missed it somehow!

Terminator Endoskeleton - Figure

Deadpool Figure

Game of Throne - Iron Throne

Wizplex: Very well know “Wizplex” comes next, here the shop is filled with Funko Pops and few other stuff to go with it. The pops collection is nice and they have some nice deals going on so it is filled with buyer all the time! They also had some cool DC comics statues in 3 and 6inches, which are a good addition if you are into DC Comics!

4inch Figures

Funko Hulk

Funko - Iron Man

Funko - Harley Quinn

Wizplex also had a small diecast car collection in 1:18 and 1:24 scale but Lucky Diecast. The collection mostly comprises of classic car with some clean details. Me being a diecast car collector as well, picked a 1:18 scale 1968 Shelby GT500KR to add to my car collection(see my full collection here), which stands at around 200+ cars!

Lucky Diecast - Cars

Lucky Diecast - 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air

Fictional Realities: If you are into Anime series, then Fictional Realities is the place to be in! Their collection has some fine figures from One Piece, Death Note, DragonBall Z and more. the figures are mostly static but the poses are all crazily insane!

One Piece - Statues

One Piece - Statues

Anime - Statues

Anime - Statues

Anime - Statues

Toyshop Japan Hobby One: This store is for Star Wars fans, yes it is called “Toyshop Japan Hobby One” and their collection is mostly around the Star Wars movie line. They have a massive collection of carded 4inch action figures costing around INR.200/- for most of them. I picked three but because they dint have a credit card machine I have to pay cash and picked only one from the Star Wars Episode-1 OOM-9.

Starwars - Figurines

Starwars Jedi

Starwars Queen Amidala

There are very few shops that had 6inch Marvel Legends in display, “Nerd Arena” is one of them and they had a good deal(INR.1500/-) and they also had some newer Spiderman and Deadpool wave stuff! Yeah they also have some Marvel Studio The First Ten Years stuffs in the mix. What got me big time is this massive War Machine with led and multiple point of actuation, for a bank account busting price of INR.40,000/-

Marvel Legends - Action Figures

Diecast - War Machine

Punisher - Figure

Overall, this is one of the great experience in some time! The people and their spirits are so high and being in a place with so many like minded people is a delight to the mind! The only thing that bothered me is that they have very limited Marvel Stuff and DC Comics dominated the stores… When I heard about it, the store owner said Marvel is having some issue marketing its products in India it seem. Overall a fun day spend!

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