Indian Government has decided to flatten the Cover-19 infection and put all of it 1.34 billion citizens in a Lockdown for 21 days starting 25th March, so I will end up spending all that time home doing nothing! That can build up lot of stress in a person who loves being outdoor, but nothing can be done so I came up with a plan to spend this time wisely and have fun… This is the plan, I will post one unique pic every day that may or may not be new!

Day-1: For today, I took my 6inch Marvel Legends Deadpool and I kept him my building sitout and took few shot! I kind of liked his gesture with one finger up (not that finger) so I put my focus point around his finger and shot this one! I used my new baby Nikor 40mm Micro lens on my trusty old Nikon D3100.

Tony Stark - Cooks Breakfast

Day-2: Today’s theme is “Learn to Cook” and Tony Stark is my subject for this photoshoot! Because I only have one open face Tony Stark from First 10 Years two pack but that body dint fit the causal setting! So I have to improvise and choose a body donor, yeah its Star Lord again! The setup is pretty simple.. the background is my laptop and place a table and setup some food items to add more character! Hope this shot inspired you!

Pepper Potts Yoga - Day 3

Day-3: When Tony Stark is learning cooking, his wife is Perrer Potts is relaxing herself by practicing Yoga… yeah a lot of Yoga! This is actually a photo that was taken a while back for women’s day but dint use it! The location is my house balcony and shot using my Nikkor 35mm mounted on my Nikon D3100.

Spider Man Work From Home - Day 4

Day-4: Today’s photography theme is “Weekend Work From Home” so I wanted to do something cool yet complicate so Spiderman (Far from Home) was the perfect candidate. I got the pose (referred Google) nailed but the problem is capturing it! I need to mimic a shot like spider is laying lot higher but my flight stand dint help so have do a makeshift stand! I took around 50 shot and finalized this. The web that see here is added in post, so spider were harmed!

Baby Groot - Day 5

Day-5: This lockdown is putting pressure on all of us and I feel kids are affected the most! Keeping them inside by enforcement will break their spirit and explaining this situation will only make them terrified! That explains today’s theme “Lockdown & Kids” and model for this theme is Baby Groot! Yeah he looks super sad so I put him near a tree branch(in my backyard) and took few shots with my iPhone8. And this shot came out good!

Starlord Essentials Shopping - Day 6

Day-6: No matter how planned you are, some times you run out of essentials! And you have to go out and pick them up, our Starlord ran into such situation today! This is my theme (Lockdown Essentials Shopping) for the day and really loved doing this shot! The head is of Starlord, body if of Tony Stark and paper bag is made by my sister, the background set at my laptop! Had fun really!

Ironman Cleaning his Toys - Day 7

Day-7: Cleaning is of one my weekend activity and by far the most productivity activity you could do in these lockdown days! That brings us into today’s theme, “Clean Your Toys”… I picked my favorite superhero Tony Stark again and visualized this theme and executed it this evening! This shot is really special because all you see here is real except the background (added in post) so its as real as it gets! Of all the armors Hulkbuster still gets my vote!

Captain America Watching Movie at Home - Day 8

Day-8: Today I picked an other fun activity that keep you inside home for as long as you want! Its “Watching Movie at Home” and Captain America is watching some classic old movie in his big screen and enjoying it with some microwave popcorn! This shot is a hybrid… the figure, the popcorn, the shield, the sofa and the flowers are all real but the blue tint(to mimic the dark cinema effect) and the background is added in post! Hope you like it!

Antman's Rubik Cube - Day 9

Day-9: Today’s theme is something classic! Yeah, its really is… “Dig Up Some Old Toys” and stay away from your electronic screens! So I picked my Rubik Cube sitting in my desk and miniature Antman to setup this cool frame! This Antman figure like really tiny not more than 2-3inch so I used my Nikkor 40mm Micro lens and it captured the photo beautifully! The post work is really little and all I did is correct color, increase saturation and added my watermark!

Winter Solider Burnout - Day 10

Day-10: We are almost at the halfway mark of our 21days lockdown and I decided to capture an activity I performed few days back… “Warm Up Your Rides”! I have collection of 1:12 Diecast motorbike, got my Newray Ducati Monster and Bucky Barnes(Winter Solider) for this shoot! This shot was done on my desk top and background, smoke and spinning wheels are all added in post! Hope you love it!

Thing doing Heavy Lifting - Day 11

Day-11: Staying at home for a prolonged duration gets you into some household chore and moving heavy stuff is one of them! Thing was doing exactly that, yeah “Heavy Lifting” is today’s theme! This shot of Marvel Thing moving some table and chair was done with that background projected on the TV and this Marvel Legends Thing placed to the front!

Antman's Basketball Buddy - Day 12

Day-12: Exposure to sun light is good sometime! So in lockdown situation its impossible to get natural light but if you have a backyard with a basketball hoops you can get some. Today’s theme is “Play Ball”… And Antman (Scott Lane) is playing ball with his meerkat friend from the nearby woods! This shot was done with Nikkor 40mm micro lens and hardly any post processing done!

Cap's Gaming Challenge - Day 13

Day-13: Today Captain America decided to challenge his buddies for an online tournament to pass time without leaving the safety of the house! This would have given you an idea of what today’s theme is, its “Challenge Your Friend”. This shot is almost real with only the background added on post! Hope you love it!

Hulk Hunting a Mouse - Day 14

Day-14: Sometime hunting that one mouse terrorizing is a chore of his own! Today Hulk is assigned that and he himself is so scared of mice so here we go… This shot is one of the complex shot I did! I have to get that rat and few boxes made to even start with. I tried a lot of different poses, prop combination and squared on this storeroom effect! I made some three cardboard boxes and added the rest in post, so as the wall texture.

Thanos Enjoying Night Sky - Day 15

Day-15: Today’s theme is “Enjoy Pollution Free Sky”, so Thanos is enjoying the open sky from his terrace and got a good glimpse of Super Moon and the beautiful Starry Sky! I always like to star gaze and this is the time to enjoy it because of the clear sky! This shot is almost real, except the starry night background!

Spidey's Relaxing - Day 16

Day-16: Today’s photography theme is “Relax Your Way” because work from home puts a lot of stress so today’s is very relatable to my current situation! The subject for today’s shoot is Spiderman from “Far from Home” and I put him upside down to create a dynamic/interesting pose and it worked. I kind of unsatisfied with the background, so I photoshopped one! I was happy with the output though!

Deadpool's Comic Addiction - Day 17

Day-17: Deadpool is one of the funniest character in all of MCU and one of my favorite non Avengers character! So staying home makes him crazier… today he is killing his inner demon by reading all his classic comics cover to cover ten times in a row! Yeah today’s theme is “Read Something”, so I have spend quite sometime making these comic book and photo session took around 20mins and I took around 10 pics to finalized this!

Mj's Painting Skills - Day 18

Day-18: Its day 18 and I am already running out of ideas… So day’s theme is “Your Creative Side” so bring your hidden talent side out. I though of painting and MJ fits the bill perfect as she don’t have any violent side! This shot is a sort of photoshop heavy but except the background and the painting itself, all the other props (artboard, stand, painting pad and brush) are all real! Hope this looks good!

Gamora's Selfie Challenge - Day 19

Day-19: Today is a Sunday and we are stuck home because of lockdown! So today’s theme is “Selfie Challenge”… Gamora is challenging her friends from all the universe to share some selfies with greens, because she is all green she would win it just like that! This shot is real to the very extend and there is no post processing involved except the watermarker addition!

Thor's Pizza Party - Day 20

Day-20: It’s “Pizza Party Time” and Thor is having one with his brother Loki, that the story I am goin for. I made this shot with my home made pizza box, which I printed and wrapped. The shot was executed with my 40mm macro lens and only the background was added in post! I guess you love it!

Jessica Jones Petting - Day 21

Day-21: Jessica Jones likes playing with her cat, which is missing the outdoor life as much as she is. Today’s theme is “Heavy Petting”, which is one of the most relaxing activity that you can perform, staying indoors! This shot is relatively raw and all the props that you see here are actually there. Only post procession that I did is addition of background and watermark.

Today is the last day of the 21 days lockdown and unfortunately it is extended for another 18 days so I decided to end it today and focus on other activities around this hobby. Overall I enjoyed this challenge and explored the novel hobby of diorama prop making. The Covid-19 issue is kind of escalating here in India so the extension! Hope you liked all the photos and the themes that I picked! Lets hope this situation comes to an end soon. Till next time, ciao!

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