Indian Government has decided to flatten the Cover-19 infection and put all of it 1.34 billion citizens in a Lockdown for 21 days starting 25th March, so I will end up spending all that time home doing nothing! That can build up lot of stress in a person who loves being outdoor, but nothing can be done so I came up with a plan to spend this time wisely and have fun… This is the plan, I will post one unique pic every day that may or may not be new!

Day-1: For today, I took my 6inch Marvel Legends Deadpool and I kept him my building sitout and took few shot! I kind of liked his gesture with one finger up (not that finger) so I put my focus point around his finger and shot this one! I used my new baby Nikor 40mm Micro lens on my trusty old Nikon D3100.

Tony Stark - Cooks Breakfast

Day-2: Today’s theme is “Learn to Cook” and Tony Stark is my subject for this photoshoot! Because I only have one open face Tony Stark from First 10 Years two pack but that body dint fit the causal setting! So I have to improvise and choose a body donor, yeah its Star Lord again! The setup is pretty simple.. the background is my laptop and place a table and setup some food items to add more character! Hope this shot inspired you!

Pepper Potts Yoga - Day 3

Day-3: When Tony Stark is learning cooking, his wife is Perrer Potts is relaxing herself by practicing Yoga… yeah a lot of Yoga! This is actually a photo that was taken a while back for women’s day but dint use it! The location is my house balcony and shot using my Nikkor 35mm mounted on my Nikon D3100.

Spider Man Work From Home - Day 4

Day-4: Today’s photography theme is “Weekend Work From Home” so I wanted to do something cool yet complicate so Spiderman (Far from Home) was the perfect candidate. I got the pose (referred Google) nailed but the problem is capturing it! I need to mimic a shot like spider is laying lot higher but my flight stand dint help so have do a makeshift stand! I took around 50 shot and finalized this. The web that see here is added in post, so spider were harmed!

Baby Groot - Day 5

Day-5: This lockdown is putting pressure on all of us and I feel kids are affected the most! Keeping them inside by enforcement will break their spirit and explaining this situation will only make them terrified! That explains today’s theme “Lockdown & Kids” and model for this theme is Baby Groot! Yeah he looks super sad so I put him near a tree branch(in my backyard) and took few shots with my iPhone8. And this shot came out good!

I will be posting one new pic every day till 14th April, 2020…. and pray to God that I have to post all 21 photos hoping this Pandemic situation is contained even before that! I would love to hear your thoughts for the next photo, so post you ideas in the comments section below. Till tomorrow, Ciao!

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