Of all the DC movies, Justice League is one of my favorite to date, in fact I liked it more than the Avengers: Infinity War. Batman and Wonder Woman are my favorite in the movie but Flash and Cyborg also holds a special place in my place due to the fun factor.

Jada Nano Metalfigs - Cyborg

Jada Nano Metalfigs - Cyborg

I actually like the movie version more but when I saw this comic version, I love it too. I picked it from Entertainment Store located in Church Street here in Bangalore. This comic version of Cyborg is cooler than the movie version and sure to stand out. It costed INR.199/-, which is the retail price here in India.

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Collection Details

  • BrandJada Toys
  • Toy LineNano Metalfigs
  • Release SeriesCyborg
  • ColorSilver, Red
  • Size3.75inch
  • ConditionNew
  • PriceINR.199
  • Seller/StoreEntertainment Store, Bangalore

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