Joker is for DC like Thanos is for Marvel and he does an exceptional job in terrorizing the audience especially in the movie version Jocker. His famous dialog in the movie The Dark Knight(2008) “let’s put a smile on that face” gives whiplash even to a some grownups like me. Since then I wanted a joker figure in my collection but finding a decent joker figure is almost impossible in India. So when I saw this Comic Joker Nano Metalfigs I just jumped face first.

Nano Metalfigs Joker

Nano Metalfigs Joker

I picked this Nano Metalfigs Joker (DC18) from Toys R Us, Bangalore today, this is my second set. Couple of weeks back I picked a set of three Nano Metalfigs(Batman, Superman and Catwoman) and that gave me confidence to pick more and I am here again. This time again, I paid the same INR.199 as last time and picked Harley Quinn(DC5) and Penguin(DC49) to complete the picture.

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Collection Details

  • BrandJada Toys
  • Toy LineNano Metalfigs
  • Release SeriesThe Joker
  • ColorPurple, Green, White, Yellow
  • Size1.65 inch
  • ConditionNew
  • PriceINR.199
  • Seller/StoreToys R Us, Bangalore

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