DC’s Justice League is one of my favorite DC movie after 2005 “Batman Begins” and the major reason is its cast! I love Wonder Woman and Batman in that movie the most so as the villain, Steppen Wolf! When I got into this beautiful hobby of action figure collection, I thought I wanted to have them all in my collection for sure! The time had come when I found some great deal and took it some time back… Since then I was planning to have this shot that looks very similar to the official poster!

Mattel DC Multiverse Justice League

Finally the day had come to accomplish this beautiful shot, the only pics that had kept me away is the rocky base. I used a Jada Light-Up Collectible Case base and it worked like a charm. Then came the balancing act… Spend around 10hrs to get used to the figures, their balancing point and all paid off!

Mattel DC Multiverse Justice League - Wonder Woman

The background is actually my tv screen and this background came from Google image search. Because I spend a lot of time setting this scene up I decided to do some isolated shot of the characters and it turned out great! Of all the single shots the Wonder Woman came out super cool!

Mattel DC Multiverse Justice League - Batman

Mattel DC Multiverse Justice League - Superman

Superman is the most disappointing in terms of facial details, but he is not bad only looks a bit old. And if you are looking for movie accuracy, forget him all together because he is a no match.

Mattel DC Multiverse Justice League - Aquaman

The Aquaman came second in my love list as he came with some kick ass details. And he is one of the action figure in this set to come with a weapon(Trident), which added a bit of interest.

Mattel DC Multiverse Justice League - Flash

Mattel DC Multiverse Justice League - Cyborg

I shot these shot using Nikkor 55-200mm lens mounted to Nikon D3100 using Manual setting to subdued the screen’s exposure. These shot are captured in RAW so I could pull out lot of details from it. I dint do much in post except adding foggy effect, cropping and watermark.

Mattel DC Multiverse Justice League

I had so much fun setting this scene up and really satisfied that I managed to get it to this level. I can say, a weekend well spend, especially staying home due to country wide lockdown. Hope you like it, please let me know your thoughts and suggestions via the commenting section. Ciao!!

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