Today is International Dog Day and I am all set to do a Toy Photoshoot on this topic. I wanted to do a kind of homage, so picked a theme “Dogs are Human’s Best Friend”. But I also wanted to do it with a twist so here we go. My primary collection is around 6″ Marvel Legends action figures but do have some odd brands and scales figures/figurines to pep up my display. So when I decided on my theme, I pulled this dalmatian dog (love the movie 101 Dalmatians) figure along with “Anna” figure from Frozen II. Here comes the pups from some unknown brand, they are very cute.

International Dog Day 2021 - Toy Photography

The twist I am going for is “Dogs are kids First Friend, No Matter how Big they are” so the pups. This entire shoot plan was hatched and executed in less than 2hrs, which is super quick for me. The set up is a simple diorama background enhanced by few props like a 1:12 bike and a trash can.

International Dog Day 2021 - Toy Photography

I was going for a early morning kind of look so went with a secondary rim light from right. The pups are too small to be in focus (all of them) but that’s kind of the point. There also is a tree prop, which is almost hidden in most shots and I liked it. Though all shots looks same, the second one has the trash can put but I liked it knocked down so used that set-up more, taking into consideration how naughty the pups could be.

International Dog Day 2021 - Toy Photography

Being a dog lover myself, I have quite a collection of dog figures to complement my display, dioramas and photoshoots like this one. This dalmatian won the beauty contest as he is monochrome and the pups added some cuteness factor to this theme. Hope you loved these photos, Happy International Dog Day 2021… Ciao.

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