Internation Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th of March every year and this year I decided to honour the women of Marvel Cinematic Universe in my toy photography session. MCU is filled with a lot of female characters who are making a difference and this is my favourite from that list. These women are standing by their superhero counter-parts in their up and downs of their everyday chores. Lets meet my favourite Marvel Women, shall we?

Rescue - Women's Day Photoshoot

First up in this list is my favourite super hero’s wife “Pepper Potts”. Pepper Potts has been in MCU since day one as Tony Stark’s personal assistant. She stood by Tony’s side even in his worst days… Yeah Tony can be handfull in time but she never gave up hope on him… She even took up a side kick role in her very own armour(Rescue) in a fight against Thanos army. She played multiple role like Tony Stark’s personal assistant, CEO of Stark Industry, Rescue but Tony’s wife is by far my favourite.

MJ - Women's Day Photoshoot

MJ is a special one in this list, as all the other women know that they are hustling with a super hero but MJ don’t! But she still is one of the best and she puts up good with Spiderman in his school days all way to real world outside university. She inspires him to be the best and also plays a best friend role.

Gamora - Women's Day Photoshoot

Gamora is one of the strongest women in MCU, though not don’t hold any special power like Captain Marvel or Scarlet Witch but her motivation and training made her exceptional! Though she was brought up by Thanos, her soul remained pure and on target. She likes Starlord for what he does but actually plays a guide role else Starlord lose track and drift way. She can handle herself well with or without big guns and swords far better than most men of MCU.

Black Widow - Women's Day Photoshoot

When talking about strong women how could one forget Natasha Romanoff AKA Black Widow… She just like Gamora, Natasha don’t have any inborn super power but her KGB training made her who she is! Good looks and strong soul defines her. And a guy like Bruce Banner in his Hulk form needs a great women like Black Widow to put a leash around his neck. She can hold her cool even in explosive situation like New York City attack, which takes dedication.

Shuri - Women's Day Photoshoot

Shuri is a female version Tony and most of Black Panther’s (T’Challa) toys comes from her lab. She is smart as hell and she could do magic with vibranium powered technology, which could even challenge stark’s! She is not all Brians no brawl type girl, she sure can fight if the moment calls for one. She also is her brother’s stylist.

Wasp - Women's Day Photoshoot

Hope is one great woman with or without her Wasp suite! She sure can handle Antman when he drift away from mission or aide him with a helping hand when he needs one. She is a wonderful daughter, great friend and a kick ass crime fighter. These are some women who are rocking the MCU super hero scene and there are more. To all the strong women making their mark… Happy Women’s Day.

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