I am a big time MCU aficionado primarily because of Ironman! I have a collection of 6 inch Marvel Legends Ironman action figures and his girlfriend/wife Pepper Potts. So today being Valentines Day though of doing a Special tribute to my favorite superhero by doing a toy photoshoot with Tony and Pepper in Valentines mood!

Ironman Pepper Potts Marvel legends

Tony Stark and Pepper Potts spending time at their Villa was my first theme… So I picked my favorite spot for the shoot(yeah my work bench) and framed my shot around the couch, which I picked from AliExpress and his Bull terrier dog. I did the shot without the villa backdrop and included it in post, the final result was relatively satisfactory and I just love it!

Ironman Pepper Potts - Marvel legends

The next shot is that of our lovely couple fully armored and suppressing an explosive situation! This again was shot made without the background, which was included in post. I have to raise Rescue figure using my home made flight stand and that again was removed in Photoshop. Hope you are liking the direction I am taking!

Ironman's Valentine Day

Finally “THE SHOT” with Pepper Potts in Rescue Armor and Iron Man sharing an intimate moments together! This is the most trickiest of them all due to the complexity of the pose and the posture. But the background was directly imported on top of the original raw photo and it worked its magic! Just have to do bit of color correction and its ready!! This is the best work I have ever done and just love it the most. BTW Happy Valentines Day everybody!!

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