The Predator movie from 1987 bring in old memories from my childhood days and the CG back then for me as kid is sufficient to give nightmare for days! I still prefer the 1987 Predator to the everything that came after that including the 2018 purely for the plot and the execution not to mention the cast! I just like any other kid of my time love Arnold Schwarzenegger’s every movie and how could I miss a chance to hold him in your hand! I got this 30th anniversary Jungle Extraction Dutch by Neca and I got him out for a photoshoot.

Neca Jungle Etraction - Dutch

Neca Jungle Etraction - Dutch

I did this photoshoot indoors(not my preferred location) by placing the Dutch figure right in-front of the background that came in the box and I couldn’t help posting this because I love it so much and looks so satisfying! I kind of like this figure from the sea of Arnold figures by Neca for his care free attitude with a cigar and all!

Neca Jungle Etraction - Dutch meets Predator

I also pulled in one other Neca, the Fugitive Predator from the 2018 movie and did a couple of more shots around the same background and loved them too! I dint do million shots as I usually do because I dint like it much in the camera screen but when I dropped these photos onto my laptop, I got blown and and things took a dive and here is the post. Hope you loved these shot and got a tip or two from my shots! Till next time… Ciao and Happy New Year.

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