Superhero movies both from Marvel and DC Comics are know for its powerful heroes, villains and some breathing taking graphics. And female characters in them are of very strong like “Captain Marvel” who only can undo the damage done by Thanos. I like these women for their crazy fighting skills, their ability to see good in everybody and of course their pretty faces. Here is my homage to these women via my special toy photo session.

Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch: She is powerful enough to suck out massive Ultron’s heart and also to stall Vision in multiple occasions. She does right no matter what!

Marvel Legends Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones: Jessica is short fussed and like to save good from the bad, she is strong and smart at the same time. Don’t let that pretty face fool you, she like hit baddies in face till they go unconscious!

Marvel Legends Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel: She is the strongest character in the MCU, with unlimited powers. In her binary form her power multiply enough to take out opponents with plasma blast. A dedicated movie for Captain Marvel was released today and I am super excited to watch it.

Marvel Legends Black Widow

Black Widow: A trained assassin and an expert in hand to hand combat, fights even alien hunters without fear. She is the only one who could bring back Banner. With no super power she makes up by her determination and fighting technics.

Marvel Legends Wasp

Wasp: She can fly, shrink and kick some bad ass! He supports Antman when and where he looses control over his power.

Marvel Legends Elektra

Elektra: She is an assassin trained to take on any target for the right price. Her weapon of choice is a pair of bladed sai, which is almost her trademark.

Marvel Legends Gamora

Gamora: Part of the Guardians of Galaxy is a expert fighter trained by Thanos to be his prodigy. She hates Thanos for what he did to her family and wants to take revenge at any cost.

Mattel Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman: Princess Diana of Amazonian is a true hero with one and only mission to save mankind from danger from other planets and also from within. She joins Justice League to save mankind from bigger threat. I usually call her as Captain America of Justice League as her only goal is to help others.

Women's League - Photoshoot

This is just a small glimpse of woman who are shaking the otherwise men heavy superhero movies. Hope you enjoyed my photos… Happy Woman’s Day.

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