Toy Photography just like any art is enjoyed best with a best theme and awesome participants! I got them today and no excuse not to post it today. Christmas brings love and joy and me particularly love the colors, music and gifts! I do a Christmas Themed Photo Shoot almost every year with what I lay my hands on and this year my favorite character from Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Iron Man AKA Tony Stark with his fiancé Pepper Potts. I been planning this toy photography session for quite some time and it all paid off today and here is all that I have for you to enjoy!

Tony Stark & Pepper Potts Christmas

Christmas is a very big day and people decorate their houses with lights, ribbons, stars and all sort of decor! I too had plans and for me it was all for this one photo session and I have to get most of these except for the Tony Stark and Pepper Post action figure. The theme actually revolves around a Christmas Eve party that Tony wants to have with Pepper and their Cat.

Tony Stark & Pepper Potts Christmas

Being a Christmas theme there are lot of props involved, and I have to pick them up on the way or make them. My sister, who made few of those big pieces(the fire place, sofa, wreath and those socks) for me as she has bit more experience in crafting types of things. And I made the santa caps and star at the top of the tree.

Tony Stark & Pepper Potts Christmas

The tree is a ready made one, which I picked last week from Hamleys, Bangalore. I especially like the shinny looks of it and the star it had! But because it is the same color as tree, I took it out and put a silver home made star in with silver shimmers!

Pepper Potts Cat's Christmas

I love to do a bit of photoshop in all my photos and this set too got its own share of PS touch. I guess I dint over do it this time. The window, the champagne glasses and the fireplace fire are all added using photoshop and the big one is Pepper Potts shoes. The body of Pepper Potts in this picture belong to Dazzler As she came with a non removable roller skates, I have to remove it using photoshop. Hope you had fun, Happy Christmas all of you.

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