Thanksgiving is tomorrow and I am stilling researching on what to do for this year… My subject for this Toy Photography session is Tony Stark AKA Iron Man and the theme is “Family Party”! Now I have to hatch a plan and setup… how could you set in Thanksgiving mood with a big fat turkey. Being a family party I needed Tony Stark, Pepper Potts, their daughter Morgan Stark and her dalmatian, who would be celebrating thanksgiving in their dinning room with their grilled turkey and lot of food to tickle their taste buds.

Tony's Family Thanksgiving 2020

Character makes the scene great and this scene revolves around my favourite MCU character (Ironman/Tony Stark) I was having a blast! Though I have a massive collection of 6inch Marvel Legends Ironman but the only casual version is this First Ten Years two pack Tony Stark. Pepper Potts is kind of a kit bashed version using Elektra(Man-Thing wave) body and Pepper Potts head.

Tony's Family Thanksgiving 2020

And finally for Morgan Stark AKA Maguna is a Frozen Anna which some haw matched the scale and also the occasion quite well. Just for some kicks and personal touch to my pic added a pet damnation dog, which kind of makes my shot more casual I guess.

Thanksgiving 2020 Food

This photo session is set around a dinning room so a two walled setup is taken… Now comes the stage… I wrapped the entire setup around the turkey and the dinning table with food setup for a feast. The table I have is a bit small so I restricted my food variety balanced between adult food and kids favourite like cookies etc.

Thanksgiving 2020 - Card

Thanksgiving 2020 Turkey

The main subject of the food table is the Turkey, which is custom made by my sister to perfection. Though the phots are not the best, but the overall experience is the best to day. Playing with this many pros in such a small real-estate is fun and challenging!

Thanksgiving 2020 - Card

I love toy photography, and Bokeh with some Macro effect is my favourite so I picked this pick for the Thanksgiving card and I absolutely love it. Hope you all have a great Thankgiving with your family and loved ones. Happy Thanksgiving.

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