First and farmost I am a toy collector and a car lover, I run a diecast car blog ( for over a decade and love to photograph them as much as I do with these action figures and figurines! Sometimes they cross path and this is post to celebrate them in red, my favourite color!

I have quite a lot of Deadpool related article here in site also and some of them are shared with xDiecast as well… The only difference is that xDiecast will have the photoshoot focused on the car/bikes and figstop’s version is focused on action figure posing and figures itself. You can check out the full photo collection here

This Torazame Kinjirou figurine and Ford Mustang was one of my favourite photo shoot to date using forced prospects as genre. There are so many photos taken for this post (full collection click here) and is the most dramatic of them all and my favourite.

This photo needs no intro… Mr.Dom and his cars are iconic and this Lykan Hypersport shoot was done for a Valentines Day and this is a lovely shot I managed to get. This photo collection has his bud Brian, Batman and also Top Gear Stig, check it out here.

Ford vs Ferrari was a movie that changed my prospect of track racing. So I decide do a photoshoot (for full collection click here) with that as a them using their new age car and some of my figurines. The photo session gave out some great results and I even made a motion blur action shot! And to show rivalry, I used this closeup shot, which I decided to show off here for their unique framing and details.

I have a couple of Deadpool action figures by Hasbro and love him for his bright red suit so I got him in few of my photo sessions and this with 1:12 Vespa is the one that started this Deadpool photo train… This very photo was too cool to be used in a sea of photos in the original post! This is one photo shot with my iPhone 8 for fun and decided to keep it as it turned out so good.

Christmas is one of my favourite holiday ever since childhood, street lightup, huge Christmas trees here and there and massive toy show cases even in small towns like where I was brought up. I followed that vibe by celebrating it by at least doing a greeting card using my toys… This is one that posted in my Facebook page for the year 2021 and to date my best Christmas photo shoot that shows Christmas spirit without taking away the car and its character! These nostalgic photos make me smile every time I seen them… Hope you liked it as well! Till next time… Ciao.

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