What is all these (Winter Soilder in Dirtbike, Deadpool in Ducati Streetfighter, Captain America in Harley Davidson Iron 883, Jessica Jones in Benelli TNT and the most famous Deadpool in Vespa) toy photos have in common? A 6 inch Marvel Legends action figure and a 1:12 scale motorcycle and some cool riding poses. I have a huge collection of 1:12 scale motorcycle collection and I love doing toy photography and review of them in my other website (xDiecast.com) but there is no decent motorcycle rider figure to sit on them, so I decide to kit bash my own rider action figure.

Kitbashed Motorcycle Rider - Action Figure - Black Widow

I was looking for a decent action figure that will reduce my work and after some online search picked Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) from the Crimson Dynamo wave. She in her black and grey outfits already looks like a biker and hot one at the best.

Kitbashed Motorcycle Rider - Action Figure - Black Widow

Thanks to couple of kind hearts in Facebook group, who suggested this figure. She is nearly perfect, all that she needed is a helmet to make her look like a biker! She has a suit that looks like a full racing suit and her shoes compliment the overall look.

Kitbashed Motorcycle Rider - Action Figure - Helmet

Even her hairstyle is great for riding… But you don’t ride a fast bike without good helmet (yeah this very character rode a fast bike in “Avengers: Age of Ultron” without a helmet yeah) so the search is on. I know one action figure that can work as a helmet donor, yeah it is none other than G.I. Joe Classified Series Special Missions: Cobra Island Baroness with C.O.I.L. I happened to pick just the head some time back and its a perfect fit on this body.

Kitbashed Motorcycle Rider - Action Figure - Black Widow with Helmet

Just add a helmet head made this from Black Widow to a hard core track rider! Yeah she looks tract ready but a part of her looks more like a swat with those gun holster and the gold wristband. For some this is fair enough, but I needed more realism so they have to go too!

Kitbashed Motorcycle Rider - Action Figure - Wristband Removed

Removing the wristband AKA wrist shooter is straight forward as it is a separate piece and not glued to anything. Just pop the palm and that piece comes right out just like that! I could have painted the band but this make it reusable if I change my mind sometime later!

Kitbashed Motorcycle Rider - Action Figure - Gun Holster

Kitbashed Motorcycle Rider - Action Figure - Gun Holster Removed

But removing the gun holster is not that simple as it is kind of attached to in all sides. Though it is a separate piece it cannot be removed as is… So I decided to make a small cut on the backside so that some level of reusability still exists! After this thigh part can be taken off just by sliding it down.

Kitbashed Motorcycle Rider - Action Figure

With those pieces removed, the action figure look just perfect for sportsbike or even a cruiser like this 1:12 scale Ducati X Diavel S by Maisto. Most marvel legends action figures comes with a kneepads to cover the joints and here it adds to the all leather rider suit looks! I got to mention one more time that her boots are so perfect that it looks it made for riding on and off track!

Kitbashed Motorcycle Rider - Action Figure

The entire purpose of kit bashing an action figure is that it looks good on bikes that review, so the figure has to look good in bike and this rider figure looks perfect. This being an action figure, may not fit like a glove on any diecast motorcycle and no figure will do! But with a bit of trickery you could get some cool riding shots. This Ducati X Diavel S is not a fat bike nor a slim one so if this figure works here then it will work on most bike I have. I doubt the job is a bit too tricky on sportsbikes but will do something for that too! Overall I am satisfied with how this kitbash turned. There will be some increments coming in the near future, so hold on! Till next time… Ciao.

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