Women are taking over every segment including our Marvel’s superhero duties! Today being World Women’s Day decided to do a homage to all those ladies who are rattling the otherwise male dominated boat. Last year I did a special tribute and it came out well, so this year I am planning an even bigger toy photo session with my Marvel legends. This year I have more female action figures so more the fun… Lets go!

Marvel Woman - Pepper Potts in Rescue Armor

Pepper Potts is one of my favorite MCU character primarily because she pairs with my favorite superhero Ironman and finally she got married to him in “Avengers: Endgame” and also got her very own armor. Her armor was named Rescue and Pepper kicks Thanos ass along with Captain Marvel, Black Widow! Pepper Potts blue Rescue armor is relatively cool and equipped to take on any treat. Woman empowerment story doesn’t gets any better this.

Marvel Woman - Black Widow

Natasha Romanova aka Black Widow is by far my favorite not because it is done “Scarlett Johansson” but for the kind of dedication and skills. She(and Hawk Eye) is the very reason that to be an Avengers, you don’t have to have super powers or kickass weapons. Though her skills becomes obsolete sometimes but you would agree with me after that encounter with Proxima Midnight in Avengers: Infinity War and how she don’t give-up! If Marvel to an ambassador for Woman Power, there is no better pick than this Natasha Romanova!

Marvel Woman - Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel is by far the most powerful Avenger in MCU and she put a tough fight to Thanos in the Avengers: Endgame! I would say she is pretty good at distroying spaceships as opposed to killing bad guys! She also has a unique hairstyle with her helmets on… also her binary form makes her go all fiery! Woman power doesn’t gets any better than depiction of Captain Marvel.

Marvel Woman - Scarlet Witch

You don’t want to mess with Scarlet Witch even if you are a big bad villain like Thanos, because you don’t stand a chance against her powers! She can manipulate your brain and make you do things or rip you open with her brute mutant power. She depicts love and affection with the same level of fury. In my books, she is a woman who wears many hats, be it a big sister or a lover or an Avenger and do justice to them all.

Marvel Woman - Shuri

Shuri is by far the smartest character in MCU and her smartness gets Black Panther some crazy cool gadgets, which assist him to crime fight! She is as funny as Iron Man and equally smart but she can get her hands dirty and fight when needed. No other female character in MCU is comparable to her as she is a perfect combination of brains and brawl.

Marvel Woman - Gamora

Daughters of Thanos Gamora and Nebula are for sure badass, no doubt… when the decides to take Guardian’s side then there is no stoping them from kicking some quality baddies. Of which Gamora is really special, she is fueled by revenge but her heart has space for love and sisterly affection. She is an ultimate guardian and real example of how a special woman would be! Also she is so special because she is the only soul Mad Titan – Thanos ever loved!

Marvel Woman - Wasp

Hope van Dyne is one cool character in MCU and she just kicks ass in her “Wasp” suite along with antman. Her Wasp suite is Pym Technologies’s state of art creation, it can shrink and also fly to get to places where atman cannot go! She not only help antman in his mission but also helped Avengers in taking down Thanos and his army.

Marvel Woman -  Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is a ex-super hero who now uses her powers to solve crime yeah a private eye. But in superhero universe there is not retirement so she has use her powers again to stop a evil force from hurting others. She is the only woman in the list who has more real life pressure than super hero duties. She for sure deserves to be in the list of woman who rattles the cage.

Marvel Woman -  Elektra

There are multiple Elektra version but my favorite is the one from the daredevil movie, though elektra this is from the Netflicks, she still rocks. Her all black outfit works for her mission to take down crime in New York and her fighting style gets a boost in this flexible outfit! She again don’t have to do anything of this crime fight by force but by choice making her one of the worth entrant.

Marvel Woman - Spider Girl

One of my childhood day superhero is Spiderman, till recently I dint even know that there is a female version of the web slinger. Comic readers would know her entire story, for me spider suite fits a lady perfectly because Spiderman is not about brute strength but about acrobatic agility, which woman are know for. So I just love this spider girl more than Peter Parker!

Marvel Woman - Lady Deadpool

I love Deadpool movies and that deadpool is by the funniest character in MCU though most of his jokes are rated-R he still is the best when it comes to vocal warfare! So this Lady Deadpool who works in tandem with his male counterpart in an alternate reality she is as funny as our MCU deadpool and her fighting skills are crazy too. And I should say she has the best hairstyle even with a mask on!

I have at most respect for woman, fortunately they made a lasting impression in my life and that too a very good one! Yeah my sisters help me find figures even on their business trips and most of my lady friends understands the fact that these are not toys, which is great I would say. I picked these characters from marvel legends bin because these are some of my favorite character that I loved seeing in silver screen and also in comic books. So I took my time to create the above set of photos, yeah I took over 500 pics and finalized these, which I felt deserves this place. Happy Woman’s Day to the Woman around the world.

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