Today I visited Phoenix Marketcity, Bangalore and did a quick glance through our regular suspects… Toys R Us and Hamleys but dint find much! So moved my attention to Crosswords, which I sometimes find legacy Marvel Legends that missed my radar some how… Today I found a 12inch Batman vs Superman – Batman Figure, which was in my must-have figure list for sometime. I was in a little dilemma for few seconds but ended up picking him.

12inch Batman vs Superman – Batman Figure

This Mattel DC Comics “Batman vs Superman – Batman” Figure was sitting in their toys section, the box was a little damaged but the figure is in great shape so got out of my safe zone and picked my first 12inch action figure. This suite of batman is my favorite of all armor that he ever wore just like Ironman’s Hulkbuster suite. And at INR.1999/- this is a steal!

Diorama - Flower Pot

Diorama - Wine Tray

Next stop is “Itsy Bitys” hobby store, which stocks some cool miniature props for your dioramas. I been thinking of picking few items from here so today I picked a flower pot and a wine tray, which has a wine glass, a wine bottle few slices of pastry and a knife. This is a trial purchase(at INR.199 each) to evaluate the quality and the scale match, so only picked a few.

Diorama - Welcome Plank

This plank is also a Itsy Bitys pick, which caught my eyes and I could see a lot of utilization in my photoshoots and also in my diorama displays. Again being a trial purchase picked only one and sure will pick more if the scale and quality is commendable (which is indeed great). Today’s haul is not my regular style but opens a new page in my diorama props book. Hope all these works the way I expected and pick more in the future to enhance my photos and diorama.

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