This month is more like toy fair month, the first half of this month saw the Corvus Glaive & Loki two and Ronin and the second half is also great. I picked a long due Marvel Studio The First Ten Years Thor & Sif two pack, which I picked from Amazon India. I also got over 40% discount. This is actually a replacement package as the first one that I got dint have Mighty Thor’s Mjolnir so I got this replacement piece, which is totally cool.

Marvel Studios First 10 Years - Thor & Sif Action Figures

My primary collection is 6inch Marvel Legends and 7inch Necas but if I find an Iron Man related stuff I just pick without thinking twice! So to keep my collection focused, I decided to pick only Iron Man Pops, which makes my Funko Pop collection little focused towards Iron Man and his armors! I have four already in the collection, this Avengers: Infinity War Iron Man Funko Pop makes that score Five.

Avengers Infinity War - Iron Man Mark 50 Funko Pop

Toy Story was one of the coolest toy based movie of my time closely followed by Toy Soldiers but Toy Story always holds a special place in my heart for Woody and his attitude! When I saw these toys in Hamleys I wanted them, but those were only big toys with voice up features and like so I skipped them. But when I saw these Minis in Entertainment Store I could not control myself and picked my favorite Woody and his Horse Bullseye. And picked Jessie after few days completing the picture. I may pick Buzz Lightyear maybe with his spaceship.

Toy Story - Minis Figures

McDonals Happy Meal Toys are actually getting better and some of them I love. One of them is this “The Secret Life of Pets” Max with his cone and bowl is an awesome piece so I picked it! In fact I picked two one for me and other one for my sister along with Rooster, who waves his tail. I was lucky the same week as I also found a rare Minion Toy in Cadbury Dairy Milk Lickables.

McDonalds Happymeal Toy and Cadbury Dairy Milk Lickables Toy

This month June was awesome for my figure collection not just that I pick some of my favorites by but I also got lucky with McDonalds and Cadbury Lickables, which infact cooler. I was very happy with my purchases and looking forward to next month!

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