Its been some time I picked something decent from Marvel Legends aisle! Because I emptied most toy store, only newer stock will excite me now and newest stock that us Indian collectors got from Hasbro in Marvel Legend line is “Endgame Thanos” Wave but all that I wanted from that wave is Ebony Maw and got it already! So I got creative and started visiting smaller toy stores and on today’s visit line is a Smaller Toys R Us located Vega City Mall, Bangalore.

Marvel's Sauron Wave Deadpool

This store’s stock isn’t that large as the other TRU in Phoenix Market City store but I found something interesting and something that I been looking for sometime! Yes its nothing but the “Marvel’s Sauron” Wave Deadpool in his boxer! When I picked it up, another surprise awaits… Its the Lady Deadpool! I always wanted the Deadpool in boxer since release, finally found today.

Marvel's Sauron Wave Lady Deadpool

Because I was not in hardcore shopping mode, I though of picking one! I stood there for sometime like a statue in this dilemma finally I picked them both. This Lady Deadpool was never in my list but when I saw her in the pegs today she stole my heart in a flash. I kind of like her ponytail and the extra head is the reason for sudden change in heart.

Mystery Dragons - Night Fury

I love the animated series movie and “How to Train your Dragon” is one of my favorite in recent times! The newer movie “The Hidden World” is one cool movie and since release I wanted a Nigh Fury and also a Ice Fury. Few week back I found the entire collection of How to Train your Dragon The Hidden World toys, in Toys R Us but when I revisited it last week they are gone so today I dint take any chance and bought it immediately!

Diorama Prop - Skateboard

Finally the prop I being looking for… Yeah this skateboard was in my wishlist for some time, I wanted this since I saw a pic of Spiderman with skate in Instagram. This is a surprise find because I found this board in More Mega store’s toys section and they had fewer option as well.

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