I am big time Terminator movie fan and “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” is my favorite of the entire franchise. Even since I started collecting action figure, I wanted this bad a$$ T-800 in its endoskeleton avatar. I first saw this in Midtown Comics, Times Square in New York City… But due lack of space in my travel case, I skip it and been mourn for that stupid decision to day. I got a second look at this guy in Bangalore Comic Con 2019 (full coverage here) but dint pick it because the package was pretty beaten and some how missed it.

Neca Terminator T-800 Endoskeleton

Finally today I was casually visiting this toy store “Entertainment Store” located couple of kilometers from my work place and viola! He was sitting by the entrance smiling at me and teasing with his mean looks. The store is offering a 30% discount on its original retail price of INR.2599/-, which made this a sweeter deal! So I picked him, what happens after that is history!

Jada Toys 1:32 Dark Knight Tumbler

Actual intent of visiting this store is this 1:32 scale The Dark Knight – Tumbler, which I was looking for to add to my scale war collection (I already have a Hot Wheels 1:18 and Jada Toys 1:24 in my collection). I been seeing other Batmobiles from the same series in Toys R Us for some time but some how this was missing! So I asked around and get this reference from a Facebook friend and to my surprise this is there as so double trouble! So what can I do? I bagged them both!

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