Today Hamley India is celebrating its 75 stores across India and to celebrate (here is my full coverage on this) this glorious milestone, they are trowing in 50% off on all products purchased from 1:00 to 6:00. I got this alert in Facebook and spring into action and visited the Phoenix Market City branch by around 4:25PM and OMG the store is filled with parents with their kids and few collectors like me. Because I have my list ready, I went right to the Marvel Legends aisle and was upset for second as the aisle was empty! All that was left was a Marvel Studio 10 Ronin!

Marvel Studios First 10 Years - 2 packs

But later realized that the toy hunters have tipped all the Marvel Studio 10 boxes out and placed somewhere close by, which brought back my spirit! First to take the rookie spot is the Marvel Studio The First Ten Years “Antman and Yellow Jacket” two pack followed by “Captain America and Crossbones” two pack from the same series, which costed me 1799/- each, thats less than a Marvel Legends single! Wow!!

Scarlet Witch and Vision - 2 Pack

Next in my list is the “Scarlet Witch and Vision” two pack and this was kept a bit out of reach on the top shelf but I managed to spot and pick with no trouble, thanks to build! This two pack’s original price is 3599 and I have to pay only 1799/- and thats a steal and this brings me two steps closer to my Avengers: Infinity War full house!

Transformers Blackout - Studio Series

Finally when I thought I was done, this Transformers aisle hit me hard and my dream of playing with the Studio Series Blackout Transformers figure flashed back! The next thing I remember is this Decepticon sitting inside my shopping bag! This costed me 2249/- after discount, which again is great add! I was little tempted by the bumble bee but this bad ass Decepticon won my heart! Overall this is a great haul and I picked some of my favorites in one shot! Thanks to Hamleys for this wonderful sale, we collector owe you big time!

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