This is that time of the year where Loves is in the air and chocolates, greeting and flower sales reaches sky high. Yes today is Valentines day, people around the world are celebrating it their loved once and conveying wish. I being an action figure and toy photography lover decided to celebrate with my lovely action figures from Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Comics. Here is imaginative illustration of romance using my action figures and toy photography skills.

Tony Starks and Pepper Potts - Candle Light Valentines Day

Tony Starks and Pepper Potts - Candlelight Valentines Day

Tony Surprises Pepper Potts: First up is Tony Stark AKA Ironman, who is my favorite superhero in all worlds know and unknown. I drafted a small surprise candlelight dinner with his long time girlfriend Pepper Potts. It came out well as expected and the small table and that roof top like background(a view from my lobby) made this pic romantic! There are few photoshop addition like the fireworks and the table items.

Antman Proposes The Wasp

The Wasp Gaintman - Proposal

Scott Lang Proposes The Wasp

Antman’s Valentine: The Antman and the Wasp got me excited and got these two Marvel Legends Action Figure that are part of Cull Obsidian wave and decided to put them up next! Because Antman change size on press of a button decided to pull two more figures one to depict Gaintman and other as ant Antman! The plot is like this Antman approaches Wasp in his miniature but Wasp was not impressed! SO he decides a Gaintman avatar but Wasp seems to like the real life Scott Lang than others.

Batman & Wonder Woman Gets Intimate

Batman & Wonder Woman in Love

Dark Knight’s Wonderful Girlfriend: I am a Marvel no doubt but I like Batman as much as Ironman, in fact Batman and Spiderman are my childhood heroes and Ironman took that place after the movie back in 2008! For this Dark Knight and Wonder Woman couple I took a roof top scene that is mostly associated with Batman. I even managed to get them close to almost kissing pose! Angle of camera and lighting condition gave that intimacy, which elevated the Valentines day mood.

War Machine Loves America

War Machine Loves America: Finally for some extra kicks I added War Machine, who is mostly single and don’t even flirt like Ironman! So this Marvel Legends War Machine was chosen to add variety! Why should we only associate girl/guy as valentine? I love cars and bikes so I consider my car/bike as my valentine (did a full on post on love for car via my diecast cars and miniature figurines) and here put his service mind for his country as his valentine and did this photo session! Hope I did my best to elevate your Valentines Day mood with these photos… Happy Valentine’s Day!

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