Ironman is my most favorite character in the whole of MCU! Ironman is the reason why I got into Marvel movies and the movie that started it is all always takes a special place in your heart. I somehow missed the first wave of Ironman figures and especially the Mark1. So when I heard the news of Marvel Studio The First Ten Years Ironman Mark1 and Tony Stark 2 pack I got excited and wanted it so bad. Finally the time has come and Amazon’s 30% discount made the deal far more sweeter.

Marvel Studio The First Ten Years - Ironman Mark 1 and Tony Stark

Finally I clicked the “buy now” on 13 Sep, 2018 and opted for a one day delivery, which is free btw because of the Prime Membership. The delivery happened this morning around 11:00 AM. I was totally up and got this guy out immediately and was blown to the roof! Unboxing coming soon so as the full review. Till next time… Ciao.

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