Today I visited Toys R Us, Bangalore after some time… I found some Marvel Legends on sale and the discount is like 25%, which is wonderful! I been eyeing a Thor Ragnarok Loki figure for some time, which comes with a removable crown and this figure is sitting in my Amazon wishlist for over 2 months now. I been skipping this because of those Marvel Studios First Ten Years Collection.

Marvel Legends Loki

Finally at 25% off and a figure in good condition forced me pull the cord. There are some other(from Spider Man and Thor series) Marvel Legends on sale as well but this Loki clinged on to me and came home. Yes this is an integral part of my Avengers: Infinity War wrap, so it is definitely a score.

Marvel Legends Loki & Jessica Jones

This Marvel Jessica Jones figure is a surprise score! I been wanting to find an exceptional female biker figure to grace my 1:12 bike collection (click here full list) and she fits my bill. So picked her up after some hesitation but she is worthy the money I paid for her. By the way I picked her from a Marvel Legends aisle in Hamleys – Phoenix Market City, Bangalore and she is the last piece of series.

Marvel Legends Jessica Jones

All in all this is one fantastic day for toy hunt and a wonderful haul to enhance it! Phoenix Market City, Bangalore is my favorite place to spend my weekend on because it has both “Toys R Us” and “Hamleys” in it. And that is not enough then there is VR Mall right next to it which houses another Hamleys! What more can you ask for! Till next time… Ciao.

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