Thano’s black order is one bad boys gang that we collectors can’t give a skip! I have the 6inch Marvel Legends “Thanos” in my collection and “Black Dwarf” AKA “Cull Obsidian” is the next big thing that I wanted badly. But he was released as ‘build a figure’ only so got to all the six figures and they are not bad. To start the wheels rolling I got the first two figure from the “Ant-Man and The Wasp” the Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Marvel Legends Antman Wasp - Action Figure

I picked these from a Walmart(Norwalk – Connecticut Ave), which is the closest to where I am staying and I had the option of picking these two, black widow and malekith. Because I can pick only two I picked this lovely couple powered by Pym particles.

Marvel Legends Antman - Action Figure

Yeah Ant-Man figure came with a right leg piece and the Wasp figure comes with the Head. And they both comes with an alternate head… By the Wasp being wasp comes with a semi transparent wings and a cover piece.

Marvel Legends Wasp - Action Figure

These two looks so good of the lot and black widow is the biggest miss! Yes I may go back and pick her up if time and space in my bag permits. As far as these, I kind of loved the extra head sculpt that made the choice easier. Of these two I love the Ant-Man because of the facial expression.

Marvel Legends Antman Wasp - Action Figure

I paid around 18.84+tax each and its a good price considering the demand for this Black Dwarf BAF piece. I will make an unboxing post when I reach home. Till then enjoy other post and toy hunting in and around New York and Stamford area. Till next time, ciao.

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