Every year, I do a special photoshoot around Christmas theme (Tony Stark’s Christmas Party from 2018) and this year’s I came up with a fun theme, which is “Avengers Christmas Duties” cool na! Now comes the challenging part… There are so many Avengers in MCU and so many figures in my collection! After spending considerable time, I decided to pick three Avengers figures (Marvel Legends of course), all with a specific task based on their abilities. Here we go with the actual toy photoshoot and also the “behind the scenes” photos too.

Behind the Scene - Christmas Toy Photos - Captain America

First up is our “Captain America” Captain Steve Rogers, who gets a subtle yet very important role of standing guard and keeping an eye on “porch pirates” For this pic, I assembled the whole set with all the props I accumulated over the years. The background is also a custom made diorama wall with some Christmas decoration on.

The post processing is bare minimal like adding some fog effect and colour correction! I personally was super happy with the results!! The final pic turned out perfect boosting the holiday spirit and depicts my theme well too. What do you think?

Behind the Scene - Christmas Toy Photos - Spiderman

This photo is themed around the Spiderman’s agility to climb down the fireplace to deliver gifts. Just like the Captain American photo session setup, this Spiderman setup is also a full laydown of props. The difference is that the wall is not a custom wall but a piece if cardboard in brown. You would have seen some of these prop in my previous photos as they are accumulated over years for Christmas toy photos.

This photo kind of is my favourite of this set for the sheer technicality! The house interior is set like a MCU fan’s hall with toys all around the place. I also brought in a couple of pet cats to put some liveness to this room setup. The decorated tree surrounded by gifts completes the package. I dint go with my favourite bokeh looks but picked every details and loved the result!

Behind the Scene - Christmas Toy Photos Thor and Iron Man

This particular shot of Thor as Santa Claus carrying gift in his flying sledge was planned way back! The original idea is to add couple of ironman armour assisting the extra load… even did a some trial shots. But the results were not upto the mark as I envisioned so dropped the idea for this year and took the contingency.

Behind the Scene - Christmas Toy Photos Thor and Iron Man

Fortunately, I spend 75-85% effort on the sledge and the Santa’s outfit, both custom made from ground up! So the sacrifice I made dint hit me so hard. The figure that played Santa is a kit bashed Marvel Legends Bro/Fat Thor body with Old Thor head from Odin wave. Streaming the static background is my TV which I picked off google image search, which did its part fine!

Because of the extensive work went into the sledge(originally Disney Frozen Kristoff’s Sleigh by Little People), the sledge is not full on photoshoot day, so I put on some zip ties to keep it in place. And the same is removed in post processing. I also added some light streak to dynamism to the otherwise static shot. Though not a successful photoshoot but a very satisfactory alternate pic that takes my Christmas spirit to the next level! Happy Christmas and Happy New Year.

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