Comic Cons are great, you get to meet lot of people who share the same passion as you, Bangalore hosted one this weekend and I attended it today and had fun. Shopping (if you have deep pockets) is one of the things you can do there because I love toy hunting and this is one place where I won’t get bored easily. I went through a lot and even found some interesting stuff that I wanted but most of them that I wanted are priced so high I have to sell my kidneys and pay EMIs for the rest of my life!

Star Wars - Figure - OOM-9

There were some stuff that are priced reasonably but they din’t impress me much… I did find some stuff, which I could afford and I swiped my plastic money and bagged them! The Star Wars – OOM-9 is one of them and I actually wanted to get 3 Star Wars figures but the vendor dint have an option to accept plastic money so I have empty my pocket and settle for one, which I loved the most!

Jada LED Display Case

I have few Jada Nano Metalfigs (mostly DC Comics) and wanted some display setup to display them! I been eye the Jada LED display for sometime and finally got it here in Bangalore Comic Con and bagged two of them to be on a safer side. Overall this is a good haul, though not much action figure but a very good experience, which is the essence of any event.

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