Toy Photography is Wonderfull hobby especially if you have the right set of photography equipment and toy/action figure. I usually like to do my toy photography in outdoors because I like the original background and sunlight, which makes any shot great! But when in comes to indoor toy photography, the game is all about the artificial light that we can get and props that own!

Warehouse Diorama Photo - Starlords

I recently built my first diorama and was blown by the potential it brought in, so I decided to do an ice breaker Toy Photo. The theme is relatively simple… an auto garage where Captain America (Captain Steve Rogers) is working on his Jeep Wrangler. My equipment choice is my Nikkor 35mm primeness mounted on a Nikon D3100. Let’s start the session, shall we?

Toy Photo Raw

Raw photo out of the camera looked like this, which is not fancy but did its job well! I picked this shot from a sea of photos for its potential… The first step is to correct the frame and I got it right in just few minutes!

Toy Photo Before

Though the shot was perfect, I was looking for something more dramatic so I though I will add some background and a quick Google search got me this beautiful garage backdrop! The backdrop looks like a 3d rendering off the site but the dimension and made it to my heart as well!

Garage Background

I did a bit a color correction and cropped it out fit right behind the, filling that boring beige wall! The background is all done in post just adding a mask to the actual shot. All things worked as per the plan and I was super happy with the result!

Cap's Garage - Toy Photography

This should be first Indoor Toy photo session, which dint involve too much photoshop work and I the first series one involving a diorama… but the results were outstanding and I absolutely love it! In fact I was so happy of this, now I am planning to build a full blown wall and some accessories like the two post lift and some garage tools to make it my static display! How about that?

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