Captain Marvel is one of the most anticipated movie after “Avengers: Infinity War” because it would clear a lot smoke that is covering “Avengers: Endgame”. I being a 6inch action figure collector was waiting for the figures to be released by Hasbro… the news of a entire Captain Marvel wave surfaced around December last year and even few collectors got them for Christmas! Indian dint get this wave till last week and the only option is to pick it from a international vendor by paying over $50 or more.

Marvel Legends Kree Sentry Wave - Captain Marvel

Finally few days back I checked Amazon India and found that they have Captain Marvel along with rest of the wave action figure in stock and that too at a normal price of INR.1999 ($28), I immediately order one in Captain Marvel costume because this is the one that I wanted of this Kree Sentry Wave. I also pre-ordered the Binary Form of Captain Marvel, which is a Walgreens exclusive in the US.

Marvel Legends Kree Sentry Wave - Nick Fury

I don’t have any Nick Fury action figure so this is a must have from this Kree Sentry Wave. This Nick Fury is younger iteration of him but I don’t mind as he had gracefully aged and there is not much of difference if view from a distance. Also the body sculpt is really nice that can be used with any number of male figures! I ordered him on 27th February and the delivery happened yesterday, thanks to Amazon for super fast delivery.

Marvel Legends Kree Sentry Wave - Nick Fury & Captain Marvel

Overall this is one of my favorite haul and was blow out of the water by the quality of the action figures and also the package, which by the way is in great shape! I personally like the Mohawk head sculpt as it makes her stands out in a crowd of female action figures in my collection. I am planning to pull the blast pieces from the binary form figure and add a bit of aggression to this otherwise subtle Captain Marvel action figure.

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